Sexual Harassment Laws In The Workplace

  1. Choose a topic (there are many–sports, military, reproduction, work, education) that involves gender and the law. Find an issue within your topic where the conflict or tension within gender and the law interests you. Analyze the issue: explain the current state of the law that governs the issue (statutes, cases, regulations); explain any relevant societal influences or views; discuss the pros and cons of the current state of affairs and discuss possible changes or solutions for the issue. Take a position and identify pros and cons to your position. 
  2. Explore a historical figure and explain that person’s significance to and impact on some conflict/tension/issue related to gender and the law. Explain the issue’s history and its law. Make a connection between this person and a present-day issue. Analyze the present-day issue and apply lessons you learn from the historical figure’s life and/or work to the present day. Draw a conclusion. 
  3. What level of scrutiny should courts apply to claims of gender discrimination under the Equal Protection Clause? Explain how the standard has evolved, what the standard is now, and make an argument (supported by legal and/or societal evidence) for what the standard should be.