Solutions to a business problem

Describe the background of your chosen organization 
o Provide a brief background of your selected organization. For instance, discuss its product lines, number
of years in business, organization structure, location, et cetera.
o If you choose an organization for which you work, your introduction must include a statement that you
received permission to use the company from a supervisor.
¢ Describe a business topic, problem, or opportunity that you intend to research.
o Describe the problem or opportunity you see that makes this company a good choice.
o Explain the scope of your project by clearly identifying the topics or areas you intend to research.
« Explain the level of accessibility to data necessary to examine the chosen business topic, problem, or oe
o Address how you will go about obtaining the data.
o Identify any special requirements that you might need to meet to access the data you will need.
o Explain risks you think will be encountered and the mitigation plan to manage those risks. :
¢ Explain how your topic will allow you to showcase your leadership ability by demonstrating each program
o List out each program outcome clearly, and then explain in 3-4 sentences how your topic will allow you to
demonstrate each. The program outcomes are listed in the Capstone Project Description.
o Identify specific items of your project summary that you believe demonstrates the outcome.
« Wrap up your paper with a clear, concise conclusion that summarizes your plan. Just a couple sentences
is fine.
Your project summary should have these sections:

  • Introduction.
    « Statement of scope.
    « Demonstration of outcomes.
  • Conclusion.