Special Healthcare Needs & Oral Health Awareness.

Service learning project Planning_Special Healthcare Needs & Oral Health Awareness. The target population was individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities, mental illness and traumatic brain injuries. The participants were taught how to properly take care of their oral cavity and how with proper nutrition and good oral hygiene they could attain and maintain good overall health. Write a report and follow the following – Develop specific goals and measurable objectives to meet the oral health needs of the target population. Based on the assessment findings, what type of health promotion/education program do you need to develop? How will you develop your program, including alternatives? -Implementation- How will
the goals and objectives be met? What materials, activities and/or methods will be or can be used to accomplish the goals and objectives? What tools do you need (i.e. pamphlets; brochures; video; audio)? Where and how do you present your program? (A power point presentation was used,