Strategic or Organizational Issues in the Implementation of Lean Construction

| am yet to come up with a refined topic for my thesis. But it will be something related to lean construction.The first step is to select a topic, develop a problem statement,Perform literature review, propose research design, conduct primary research, collect/analyze the data and finally present and defend my research. | would need to conduct a quantitative research.
This is basically a capstone project which is extended for 2 semesters. Steps upto research design
that | mentioned earlier will be conducted this semester. And the remaining would be done next semester.
| need help with every step that | mentioned earlier. Kindly let me know how much | can expect from your end to be done.
It definitely has to be unique. My university also requires us to submit the research proposal to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) which approves our research based on how logical and ethical it is. | would like to be involved in every step alongside with the writer so that | am aware of every process and that makes it easier for me to defend my topic at the final presentation. | do have some materials and can share them. But first | need more clarification from your end regarding your service.
Looking forward to hear a positive response.