The Blum article

● After reading the Blum article, explain what stereotypes are, illustrating with an example. (No
introduction required – jump right in.)
● Explain the sense in which stereotypes are fixed or rigid, such that they are resistant to
counterevidence and illustrate with an example.
● Blum claims what there are two types of moral badness involved in stereotyping; the first type is
badness common to all stereotypes and the second type of badness is dependent on the content of a given
stereotype. Do you agree that even positive stereotypes are morally bad? Explain your answer.
● Blum argues that stereotyping is both intrinsically and instrumentally bad. Briefly explain what each
type of badness is. How does Kant’s Principle of Humanity (PH) ground (or explain) the intrinsic
badness of stereotyping. Given what you’ve learned about Kant’s theory in this course, what do you think
Kant would say about the instrumental badness of stereotyping?
● Include at least ONE quote from a course reading of your choice (any citation method is fin