Article Review

Review a recent literature on sustainability topic about the organization called Patagonia. Complete an written article summary to help prepare for the term paper. I have attached some article summaries I have already done so please do not use them. The articles must be original published in peer-reviewed journals. Written article summary should be two pages using the following outline: I. Title II. Citation (APA format) Ill. Purpose IV. Constructs/ Variables Investigated V. Methodology VI. Results VII. Implications VIII. Suggestions for Further Research This article summary should support all 13 SLOs listed below. 1. Describe the environmental, social, and economic challenges facing business and society. 2. Identify the concepts, principles, processes, practices, and issues in the business functions that are necessary in leading a one-planet sustainable organization. 3. Demonstrate though written and oral presentations the competitive challenges of one-plant sustainability in variety of industries and situations in the current and future global market. 4. Demonstrate how core values, socially responsible management, and ethical principles are critical to leading and managing a successful one-planet sustainable organization. 5. Describe the data and metrics used to measure one-planet sustainability. 6. Identify the risks and opportunities associated with collaboration between stakeholders. 7. Demonstrate how sustainability challenges can be turned into strategic competitive advantage. 8. Create one-planet sustainable strategic performance objectives that satisfy multiple stakeholder groups. 9. Describe the influence that investors and customers have on the strategic direction of a firm. 10. Identify the value of sustainability-oriented innovation as an imperative for leading a one-planet firm. 11. Demonstrate system thinking, analytical methodologies, and system-wide improvement techniques for developing breakthrough and incremental improvement in cross-organizational supply chains 12 Describe market opportunities for sustainable products and services 13 Identify the financial and accounting tools and techniques used in the context of one-planet sustainability.