Movie review

A movie review is simply watching the movie, analyzing the movie, and writing about the movie. You will need to use the text book to cite what you areanalyzing. You are to show me an understanding of what is going in these movies and an understanding of American Government based on what you leamed this semester.A movie review is not a book report; please do not simply tell me about the movie. I can get anyone to do that. I want you to cite and use examples of things that you learned this semester.) expect this to be no fewer than 5 pages double-spaced and no longer than 7 pages double-spaced. 12 Point Font / Times New Roman font. When I say no shorter than 5 pages, I mean 5 full pages of written content, title pages, work cited and you name, date, class space at top of page does not count.ln order to get full credit, you must follow my instructions! Pick one of these Movies: “Thirteen Days” (Analyze the Political Leadership) “The Last King of Scotland” (Analyze the Political Leadership) “7 Days in May (Analyze the Constitutional Principles). “Iron Jawed Angels” (Analyze the Political Leadership and Grassroot Political Movements) Any two 2 Episodes of ‘House of Cards” (Relate anything you have read and leamed about with American Gov. to a storyline in the show and determine if it could actually happen)