Nike Find Your Greatness

• Primary sponsor/brand behind the campaign • Dates/length of the campaign • Ad Agency that created the campaign • SWOT Analysis of the company • Primary Attributes, Audiences & Appeals of the campaign (see below) • Any interesting facts (market impact, awards or criticisms received, etc.) • Your opinion of the campaign Think about these points and then provide a 2-4 page written analysis of the ads that applies these points. Explain your reasoning (evidence) for each point (claim) that you make. Use concepts and ideas from the book where applicable. This paper is graded on both your ideas and the clarity/organization of your writing. Have an obvious structure/outline of the paper, write in complete sentences, use the spelling and grammar tools on your computer, and proofread carefully. Include a bibliography of any sources used formatted according to the syllabus guidelines. Attributes: (Type of ad campaign, ethical issues, creative strategy/style, campaign strengths & weakness) Audiences: (Target Market: geographic, demographic, behavioristic, psychographic) Appeals: (Main message, highlighted product features, types of appeal- ethos/pathos/logos)