A comprehensive marketing audit that would support a marketing plan.

Produce a comprehensive marketing audit that would support a marketing plan. The audit will be produced for a company or brand and will focus on one market only. Students will be given by their tutor the choice of 5 companies, where they need to select one, and produce a thorough, well researched and comprehensive marketing audit. 
i would like the paper to focus on Marks and Spencer UK retail (not food industry) Select one company or brand from the list provided by your tutor. You need to produce a marketing audit for this company/ brand reviewing only one market e.g. UK 
Conduct independent research using quality sources to provide the evidence to support your analysis. E.g. Mintel, MarketLine Advantage, newspapers etc. 
Your report will be structured as follows: • Executive summary • Contents page • Introduction to the audit • Company/ brand background — including an analysis of the current market • Macro analysis (e.g. PEST/ PESTLE) • Micro analysis (e.g. internal analysis) • Competitive analysis using strategic groups, perceptual mappings and reviewing the company/ brand’s two closest competitors. (Do not use Porter’s 5 forces) • SWOT • Conclude with the strategic priorities for the coming year, based on your analysis of the current situation. • References