Criminal Justice Book Review

The Book is Venkatesh, S. A. (2008). Gang leader for a day: A rogue sociologist takes to the streets. Book Review 
Your review should consist of the following: Section 

  1. Introduction Section 
  2. Concise and accurate summary of each chapter of the book. In other words, what is the stated purpose of each chapter, what are the main issues covered; and how does the author try to make his point (e.g., through the use of statistics, references to other sources). This section should be an objective description of the chapter. Section 
  3. How does the book fit in with other class material? Does it make points that are consistent with other class material, or are the arguments, evidence presented, and so on, conflicting? Section 
  4. Strength and weaknesses of the book. In your view, what were the best parts of the book; what did you learn from it; what did you like about it. On the other hand, what do you see as the weaknesses, problems of the book? Was it biased, was it written well, did the author only give you part of the story? In balance do you think the strengths of the book outweigh the weak parts? Section 
  5. References-If you refer to other books, articles, or other materials in your review, be sure to properly cite it and include a complete reference at the end of your review.