PART 1 So, come to grips with the basics of the economics of Globalization. Summarize the main points of the snapshot provided in the intro to chapter 8. Then, explain the Macro and Micro aspects of how states domestically affect globalization. 250-300 words. PART 2 Next up, trade. Provide an overview of trade and the expanding global economic system. Pay particular attention to: the liberal and realist views on trade (benefits and drawbacks for each),and know the particular concepts and policies associated with both approaches. Again, 250-300 words. PART 3 The final sections of globalization focus on money. Investments are covered from the standard zero-sum and non zero-sum views of realism and liberalism. The finance section requires some attention. Summarize the liberal and realist perspectives in the finance section. Focus attention on the role of international institutions and the history of the issue.