Health Literacy—Evaluation of Patient Forms / Educational Materials

Apple on top of a stack of booksHealth information literacy has become an important aspect of quality care that is also critical for patient safety and
culturally competent care. In this Assignment, you are asked to evaluate a document in your agency to determine the appropriateness of the images
and level of language used. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s publication in this week’s Resources will guide you through the review
of the document.

Locate a patient-related document that is given to patients in your practice area or an area with which you are familiar. This document could be
admission paperwork, health education materials, or other materials that are provided to a patient to inform them about health care decisions.
Save this original document either as a file or in a portable document format (PDF) file to be submitted with this Assignment.
Assess the selected document using the “Checklist for Easy-to-Understand Print Materials” in this week’s Resources.
Review the checklist and determine how each area meets or does not meet the guidelines provided.
Evaluate the document in each of the six areas: message content, text appearance, visuals, layout and design, translation, and understandability. For
each area, provide a summary of your assessment according to the criteria given.
Include a brief summary (250 to 350 words) of the selected patient materials, how they are used in the facility, why they have been selected, and what
improvements were made.