Writing Assignment Textbook: Microeconomics Theory and Applications 12th Edition by Browning and Zupan. 
The main idea of the assignment is to find a contemporary article in the business press and show that it is an example of a topic that we covered in class (it can be from the internet, a newspaper, or a business magazine or journal, etc.) You can also use an article that is an example of a topic we are going to cover later in the semester, but this will require more work on your part since you will have to read ahead in the textbook (see Item 2.c below.) The article should not be about the topic itself. For example, you could use an article that concerns the demand for movie tickets, but you could not use an article about the concept of demand in general, since you can read about that in Browning and Zupan anyway. More specific instructions are below. 1. The article you use should be dated November 2018 or after. Be sure to acquire a printed copy of the article and tum it in with your paper. Make sure it includes the date and the source that it came from. 2. In your paper, make sure you answer these questions: a. What is the article about? (Summarize it for me.) b. What topic in price theory is applicable to the article? c. What did I say about this topic in class that relates to the article? (It doesn’t have to be an exact quote.) Alternatively, what did Browning and Zupan say about it? (Include page numbers if citing the text.) d. Does price theory provide insight into the situation? If so, how? If not, why not? 3. The paper should be typed and double-spaced. I don’t like to assign a specific length for the paper. I am expecting it to be at least 2 pages but not more than 5 pages. This is a writing assignment, so writing counts. Other criteria include your ability to integrate what was taught in the classroom with a real-world situation, and, to a lesser extent, your originality in choosing the article.