Museum essay

1) Visit one of the following museums: Mission San Luis (fee for admission), Museum of Florida History (free admission), Florida Historic Capitol
Museum (free admission), The Grove Museum (free admission), or John G. Riley House and Museum (fee for admission). For descriptions of the
exhibits, directions, and hours see the museum websites. Note: the Tallahassee Museum is not an acceptable alternative choice. The zip line course
not an historical exhibit.
2) Tour the museum taking notes about the exhibits. Get a signed and dated brochure as you enter the museum. You will need this brochure to prove
you visited the museum.
3) After your tour, write an essay describing the exhibits. This essay must be at least five hundred words long. It must be typed, double-spaced, with
one inch margin pages. Use 12 point type font.
A) Your first paragraph should be your introduction and include your reasons for choosing that particular museum. Insert a photo of your signed and
dated brochure in the first paragraph using the Word Wrap function. This serves two purposes: 1) proves you visited the museum, 2) meets part of
digital literacy requirement. You will receive a grade of zero (0) for assignment without this image.
To protect your privacy do not include a selfie in your essay.
B) The body paragraphs should describe the exhibits. You must cite the source of all information used in these paragraphs using Turabian citations