Presidential Speech

Choose a speech delivered by the President or a Presidential Candidate of the United States in the last 6 years. First, discuss how the speech displays the concept of electronic eloquence. You must carefully explain and apply each of the aspects of electronic eloquence. Next, choose one of the following theories to analyze the way an audience member would/could integrate or assimilate the information delivered in the speech (Uses and Gratification Theory, Cognitive Dissonance Theory or Elaboration Likelihood Theory). You must first explain the theory and then you must find examples in the speech to support your analysis. Provide a link to the speech online. 
Indeed, if your approach is entirely descriptive in nature (e.g., you just reiterate what the research shows or summarize the content), you will not receive an “A.” As well, the length of your paper will depend upon the context you select, the amount of previous research, etc.