Relations among drugs in “Cocaine Cowboys”

  1. In the “Cocaine Cowboys”, what relationships do you see among drugs, money laundering and development?
  2. In the film, “City of God”. Although this is not a recent film, what thoughts or comments did you have about its contents?
  3. “Sicario” was the other film that we should be watching at this time. This 2015 production presents many aspects related to drugs, law enforcement, borders, governments, cartels etc. How do all these elements help us to better grasp the intricacies of globalization?
  4. We know that there are many positive aspects of globalization, which have made our lives easier in many ways. Nevertheless, through out readings, novels and films, we have come to understand that there are also many other parts, connected to this process, which are potentially life threatening.
    By now, you should be reading my lectures about Berta Caceres, an environmental activist from Honduras, who was murdered in March of 2016. Although seven men have been found guilty of her murder, those who ordered this ghastly action still remain free.
    Berta was best known for her work defending natural resources and the indigenous people. That is very noble. So, why did globalization interfere with human rights concerning land, as well as, political choices regarding the health of societies and the environment?

Q5. Create a research question on “Environmental Health “and write a hypothesis for it.