Situation Overview

Cooja Specialty Tours is an tourism company with branches in Wellington, Waiheke, Hapuku and Christchurch (refer to Table 1).

The management at Cooja Specialty Tours is aware that the company is
in need of a major information systems review. The company has rapidly
expanded in recent times, particularly with the two South Island
branches, however, its information systems investment has not kept pace.
Prior to your promotion to the Systems Analyst role, a series of
interviews were conducted with staff in key areas that are in need of
information systems review. The transcriptions of these interviews for
one South Island branch can be found below in the section Staff
Interviews at the Christchurch branch.
Your task is to analyse the
interview data, to report on the areas of concern with the current
system and to recommend changes to be made. The report must focus on the
Hardware, Software, Networking and Security aspects of the Cooja
Specialty Tours information systems.