Supply Chain Management

Successful Supply Chain Management is a vital component when measuring both internal and external success of a business. Achieving and sustaining customer, tiered supplier and company requirements is an essential ingredient for both success and survival in the competitive global market of the twenty first century. Based on the above statement, you are asked to choose one sector/industry (e.g., food, technology, healthcare, retail, services, automotive), and critically discuss below: i. Critically evaluate the positive and negative attributes associated with the field in relation to the chosen case. ii. Explore and critically analyse the gap between evaluation and implementation of supply chain improvement. iii. Analyse multidimensional global supply chain issues and apply techniques that could assist in either resolving or significantly reducing problematic supply chain issues within the chosen sector/industry. For each question above, you should support your arguments by bringing into the discussion 3-4 examples of companies that belong to the selected sector/industry. Established a quality Executive Summary which should follow the Table of Content and be a single page. Also, established relevant theory (e.g. how supply chain environments are differentiated from region to region?)