Brain Maturation in Adolescence/Cognitive and Intuitive Thinking

  1. That it be long enough to delve into the topic to some degree.
  2. That it has at least 6 distinct and reputable references including at least one reference provided in the course. (Wikipedia, for instance, is not a good reference for a final paper because its entries are not reviewed).

Here are more specific instructions for this paper:

This is a wide-ranging course about how humans really learn, about what we take from our distant forbears, about developing learning, about learning as sensory-based and metaphor-based, about learning as life-long, about learning as based on mirror neurons, about learning as based on webs rather than ladders, about learning as the having of wonderful ideas. We’ve looked at the topic from many perspectives. Pick one or two or three ideas from the course. Delve into those ideas so that you learn in a developmental learning way, write in such a way that you show that you are learning in that way, so that your professor understands that you have internalized these ideas.

The idea chosen is what is in the topic. Use that idea and blend it in together in a way that makes great sense and shows that you have learned about it immensely.

Use these two links as references within your essay as well as 4 additional references of your choice from the internet. It MUST be references from the United States and no wikipedia.