Corporate governance in family companies

Start with the history of corporate governance, -when does it existed (under which crises). -definitions. -who did wrote the corporate governance codes and terms, which country started to apply such terms in their companies. -how does it reached word wide? (starting from first country until now) -history of corporate governance in Saudi Arabia (three pages or more).
secondly, in the business legal life, – how can we establish corporate governance committees in the company? (under Saudi Arabia laws). what procedures we must do? (specifically) -corporate governance started to be applied in committees at joint stock companies and then last few years they started to think family companies must have such committees? why? -pros and cons of corporate governance. with real life examples from companies. -what world wide companies have such committees? in Saudi also which companies apply it?
finally, – literature summary between (2009,2019) -literature and real life (gap).