Health Education Intervention Paper (100 points possible)

Identify one specific topic area that interests you (get it approved!)
(Instructions and topic options will be discussed in class and more
information can be found in this guide), identify an appropriate health
education intervention, and write a 10-page* paper that includes the
following information : • • Overview of the Health Issue (15
points) Provide a summary of the health issue: national and state data
(overall incidence and prevalence), demographic data (how does this
issue differ among groups; age, race, sex, sexual orientation, if
applicable), and trends based on social determinants of health (SES,
education, etc.) • • Health Behaviors (15 points) Describe which
behavioral risk factors are closely related to the prevention or
management of this health issue. What behaviors should be targeted in
health education interventions to reduce the risk of this condition or
to manage the condition if someone has been diagnosed? • •
Intervention (25 points) Provide a detailed description of the
*: name of the intervention, rationale given for
this intervention, where was it implemented, who was the target
population and why, theoretical foundation, and intervention components-
be sure to describe the purpose of each component (increase knowledge,
change attitudes, new skills, change behaviors, etc.
• • Evaluation (10 points)
Describe how the intervention was evaluated. What were the results of the evaluation?
• • Seven Areas of Responsibility for Health Educators (25 points)

Identify examples of how this intervention aligns with 7 areas of
responsibility. A minimum of 5 areas of responsibility and examples must
be included.