Qualities of a business leader

Choose one business leader. Conduct research and find information on the life, work ethic. and accomplishments of the chosen leader. Understand and explain the chosen leader’s structural, human resources, political, and symbolic approach: you must reference the textbook and additional resources to make a strong case. Reflect on how the leader deals with employee supervision, how the leader motivates its followers (employees), and how the leader leads employees to achieve their goals (which should be aligned with the goals of the organization). Reflect on Bolman and Deal’s Four Framework as it relates to the leader, this is a requirement. Students will be graded on a rubric created for this assignment. Follow the guidelines.
Each student should work individually. The research paper must be written APA style. For orientation regarding APA guidelines, refer to http://owl.engfish.purdue.edutowl/resource/560/01/ The student must utilize at least five sources. Do not use Wikipedia as a source. The reflection paper should be 3 to 4 pages long, in addition, include a cover page (1 page) and a reference page (1 page), for a total of 5 to 6 pages. The reflection paper should be objective and unbiased. Submit reflection paper #2 through Bright spaces Assignment Folder. ‘Reflection Paper – Leader’