Can You Imagine?

Discussion Forum 4: Can You Imagine?
Many individuals advocate for the situation where all people live together and share the world equally. From the conventional settings after the onset of civilization, humans have tried to coexist peacefully. However, little success has been achieved. For instance, many nations, especially in the Middle East, continue to conflict. On the other hand, most developing countries especially in Africa battle corruption on all fronts. Based on these experiences, I feel that it will be impossible for people to live together peacefully and share the world equally. According to Lennon says as quoted by Webb (2016), “the thought is just a dream and the hope that enough people would share this dream to make it come true is just that—another dream.”
The self-centered aspect of humans foster the drawbacks to achieving world peace and equality. Ideally, each person wants to gain more, and this eliminates the aspect of sharing the world equally. Consequently, entities such as labor unions come into place to help establish neutrality between different people and organizations. Despite the concept of living peacefully and sharing things equally remaining a dream, I feel that every person should try to advocate and push for having an ideal world. As such, even if peaceful coexistence and equality cannot be achieved, the level of cooperation and humanity in the world will improve.

Webb, R. (2016). John Lennon. The History Press.