The field of business has many different opportunities. For this project. choose a specific area of interest to you and narrow it down as much as possible. For example: • Management > Personnel Manager .Accounting > Internal Auditor • Finance > Stockbroker -Marketing > Retail Salesman • Information Technology > Web Designer Write about Management and narrow it as you pleased. 1. Go to the library/online and locate the Occupational Outlook Handbook and find at least four additional sources (books, magazines. conduct an interview. etc.) that deal with the career in which you are interested 2. From your reading, write a lull 2-page summary of your field of interest. You may onolnao. but please do not quae any sources. Your paper should specifically address the following questions: .Why are you interested in this type of work? •What is the job outlook for this profession? • What are the requirements for obtaining/keeping a job in your field of interest? •What are the immediate and long-term salary expectations? • How many hours are you expected to work per week? • What did you learn new from your research? Is there anything also that is Interesting? Please follow the instructions .1