You have been assigned a specific business for your Report. you will be analysing Words with Heart. For more details, see the company website:
You are required to undertake research on your business and then prepare a report which covers the requirements outlined below. Information on how to present your report is contained at the end of this document.
As a starting point to your research, you should access your business’s website

Use the information from your research to provide a description of your business. In your description include the following;
(a) The type of organisation it is (for-profit/not-for-profit; merchandiser/manufacturer; partnership/company etc.)
(b) An outline of your business’s main products/services and activities;
(c) It’s approach to corporate social responsibility and sustainability (within your discussion you must explain the meaning of ‘corporate social responsibility’ and ‘sustainability’);

Requirement 2 (4 + 8 = 12 marks)
Your business’s focus on corporate social responsibility and/or sustainability has the potential to create value/benefits for several stakeholder groups. Use the information from your research to do the following:
(a) Identify four (4) specific stakeholder groups that are likely to benefit from your business’s corporate social responsibility focus. In your response, you must identify whether each specific stakeholder group is internal or external.
(b) For each stakeholder group identified in part a),
i. Describe in detail one (1) corporate social responsibility activity your business is undertaking to manage the impact their operations have on that group.
ii. Explain how these activities are likely to create value for /benefit those stakeholders.

Requirement 3: (3 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 12 marks)
In Requirement 2 (b) you have identified four corporate social responsibility activities your business undertakes. To fulfil its corporate social responsibility, your business will also need to determine if these activities do in fact provide benefits as intended.
For each of the four (4) corporate social responsibility activities you identified in Requirement 2 (b);
(a) Identify two (2) items of management accounting information that would help your business decide whether stakeholder groups actually benefited from those activities then;
(b) Explain how these items of information would help your business make this decision.