Health Care Promotion Disease Management. and Prevention

In the Unit 3 assignment, you identified the specific health care needs and examined the social and systemic factors that correlated to broad health care needs for a selected population. For this assignment, expand on the specific health concerns you identified, furthering your research by finding data that factors into those health concerns. For example, if your population has a high rate of heart disease, what health-related factors might contribute to this fact? Identify any epidemiological, social, and environmental data that impacts the specific health care concerns for your selected population. You should examine possible relationships between the data that impacts your specific health care concerns and factors that contribute to other health disparities in your chosen population. Explain why you feel the factors you presented are significant given overall health care concerns in your chosen population. Once you review the collected data, present an overview of possible measures that could be used to address the health status of your selected population. Address the following in this assignment: Identify epidemiological, social, and environmental data that impacts health care for your chosen population. Provide a rationale for the chosen data, emphasizing why and how your chosen population is affected by the data. Describe the relationship between factors that impact specific health care concerns and factors contributing to health disparities of your chosen population. Present possible measures needed to address the health care status of the chosen population.