International Disability Rights

Describe the ways in which disabled people have historically been treated by the majority culture. Give specific examples if at all possible.
Discuss the rise of disability advocacy. What, if any, specific actions or events precipitated it? To what extent have the efforts been led by disabled people themselves versus family members/service providers, etc? To what extent has the advocacy been limited to a specific impairment group or has it been cross disability? To what extent has the advocacy focused on specific areas of access (e.g., education, employment, housing, etc)
Who have been the main leaders of the movement? Give brief biographies.
What has the movement accomplished? Describe in as much detail as possible what laws and policies have been enacted to promote the civil/human rights of disabled people. Discuss the extent to which these policies have been successfully implemented and have actually advanced the rights and opportunities of disabled people. Discuss any limitations or rollbacks of these polices. To what extent do they benefit some impairment groups more than others?
Discuss the future of disability advocacy. What are the main agenda items? What mechanisms are currently to accomplish these goals?