Marketing (Chocolate brand)

You have been hired to consult with a UK-based quality chocolate brand The brand would like to make better use of their website for online sales and to expand into new chocolate-related market segments You have been asked by the Managing Board of the company to provide a written report which addresses several questions – Question 1 What do you think of Gluten Free chocolate as an addition to the product range? Is it something we should be excited about and can you show us evidence to support your opinion?

Question 2 We know that ‘content’ is important and we need to be far more proactive in future.
We don’t want to waste time and effort on content production — therefore how can we be more effective in our planning and development of content for our website?
Question 3 Could you recommend a specific digital advertising tactic that might work for us?
Question 4 Please list a few of the things that should be prioritised for search engine optimisation and usability purposes.
Question 5 What kind of information can Google Analytics supply for us that will lead to real business performance improvements over time?