How to attract college students to the shop

1. Prepare a report with your ideas on how to attract college students to the shop. Think about how the
recycled merchandise retail format is gaining market share as a result of recent economic slowdown.
Discus how the not-for-profit resale shop can compete head-to-head with other retail-stores. Also discuss
how various differentiation strategies can be used to attract college students.

You are thinking about buying a Ford Focus after you graduate this quarter. Use the Internet to see if you
can get a better deal than the traditional auto retailers’ offer. All you will have to do is make three on-line
connections, all free.

a. Start by using DealerNet (, created by Reynolds & Reynolds, which provides
computer services to dealers. You can see a picture of the Ford Focus and find out how it compares with
competitors like the Chevrolet Cruze in such key areas as trunk space, fuel economy, and price. Suppose
you decide on the four-door Titanium Model because you really want 17” sport aluminum wheels and the
SYNC voice activated system. Write a description about how the car compares with the competitors’ cars.
b. Key over to the prices posted by Edmund Publications (, a longtime compiler
of such information. There you discover what the current sticker price is for the Titanium Model as well as
what the dealer pays. You can also explore the Edmunds site to find out what special discounts and
financing are available for the car you want. These facts may help you in evaluating the price your local
dealer quotes. List the current sticker prices, any special discounts and what financing is available.

c. When you’re ready to order, type in “” There are several buying services on the
Web, but AutoByTel is free. From here you can buy the car using AutoByTel directly or placing your order,
and you’ll get a call from a nearby dealer. The dealer will charge you a fixed amount over the invoice and
deliver the car. Describe the process at AutoByTel. (Don’t actually click to purchase the car, unless you
want to receive phone calls from local dealers.)

d. How did this process differ from what you would do if you only visited local dealers? Describe those
differences. } Online – Contact support | Be Ocr climes) seas