Analysis Paper

In his Time Magazine article, Steven Brill describes in great detail the problems with the launch of This problem has also affected a number of state health exchanges (e.g., the State of Oregon and their dispute with Oracle Corporation over the implementation of the state plan [, April 16, 2014]).
Given your MPA studies, you are probably not surprised by what happened here in terms of the implementation of a major government policy initiative. From a technology trend perspective, this experience may seem like a setback given the emphasis in some of your MPA course readings touting the possibilities in using technology to positively transform government (e.g., e-government initiatives). Analysis Paper Assignment
Part I
Based on what you have learned in your Public Administration studies,

How would you explain what happened here?
What went wrong and why?
What are the implications and what is the scope of the challenge? For example, is technology all that is at issue here?
What recommendations would you make to public officials to achieve effective policy development and execution?
Remember to include the sources for your positions in the paper so the reader can understand how your program learning applies to the analysis.
In a six (6) page double-spaced paper, this is an opportunity to apply your skills and knowledge of best practices in analyzing the problems discussed in the article. In addition to your analysis, generate at least three recommendations for future action.
You are expected to draw heavily from the relevant course resources (e.g., PA638, IT issues; PA611 and PA680, performance management and policy implementation issues). At a minimum, you need to identify at least four (4) courses (e.g., Human Resources, Public Policy, Public Budgeting, Management and Organizational Theory) that you relied on for insights in analyzing this challenge.
Part II
In addition to the six page content, include a cover page and a reference page.
Citations should be in APA format.
List the courses in an Addendum (7th page) and, in one or two sentences, describe the specific learning, resource, model, or tool from each course that is relevant to the assignment and how this helped you address the problem challenge.