Analyzing Russia

Target country is Russia. Detail about the country part 1: What country you are writing on. Provide relevant background information on the country. Specific common grounds between the nation you have selected and the United States. Specific challenges the US faces in the nation that you have selected.
One major challenge the US should t, to overcome in the count, you selected. Be sure to describe what it is and explain why it is significant and matters.
You should be writing this as if you are writing to a member of the State Department of the United States.You are attempting to persuade the State Department member that the United States should adopt a new approach for public diplomacy in the country you have selected and specifically the approach you will be proposing in the second and third parts of your project.
Part 2: Alternative Diplomacy Campaign: Campaign Ideas Pick one public diplomacy campaign the US has attempted in the past. What are the strengths and/or weaknesses of that US public diplomacy campaign, Evaluate the success/failure of the campaign you have chosen
Propose an alternative public diplomacy campaign that the US will embark on in the country you chose (in the previous report).
Justify and explain how this plan with help the US’s image in the country.
Final Part:
You should include a brief description of your target country. Reiterate the information in your first report, including why the country is of interest to the US and any other critical information about this country.
You should identify an issue that you would like your diplomacy campaign to focus on, whether it be common interest or a dispute to be addressed.
You should discuss the diplomacy campaign you are proposing in detail. What is the exact plan. How will it be executed? What are the goals? Why is this a good idea/ how are you justifying it? What is the target population in the country you are focusing on that you hope will be persuaded? You should back up your justification with various pieces of literature or empirical support.