Catheter-related bloodstream infection

1 . Prior to completion of the annotated bibliography each student will have conducted a focused review of literature related to the identified practice problem. 2. Describe the problem and the significance of the problem using professional references. 3. State the practice question in PICOT format. 4. Provide an annotated bibliography of 5 scholarly research or non-research articles regarding the the identified practice problem.
Requirements for the assignment 1. A description of the practice problem including impact on patient/client and family, health care system, or society. 2. The PICOT question 3. An annotated bibliography of five resources. Each entry should include: a. The citation of the reference in APA format b. A brief summary of the reference (paragraph 1) c. Strengths and weaknesses of the reference (paragraph 2) d. Potential importance and usefulness of this reference to your EBP project (paragraph 3)