Demographic audience analysis

Video link:
General Speech Standards Question for Video:

· Do you think the speaker considered his/her audience? Why or why not?
· Was the Speech Communication Process successful?
· How did the speaker focus and develop his her topic?
· Did the speech have a clear introduction, body, and conclusion?
· Did the speaker make eye contact with the audience?
· Did the speaker use an extemporaneous speaking style?
· Did the speaker vary his/her tone of voice as appropriate, speak loudly enough and pace him/herself well?
· Did the speaker maintain an alert posture throughout the delivery and use natural gestures?
· Did the speaker avoid distracting mannerisms?

Specific Audience Analysis
· Is the speaker audience-centered? Explain your response
. · Do you think the speaker completed a demographic audience analysis (age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, group membership, and racial, ethnic, or cultural background)? How do you know? If not, what should he have considered for this particular topic?
· Was there any evidence of stereotyping?
· Were there instances where the speaker had to adapt to audience the audience during the speech? If not, give a hypothetical example of how he might have had to.