Digital identities

ny system of communication or representation reflects a certain understanding of the world. And the physical form of that system shapes relationships between those who use it, as well as determining what can and cannot be communicated or represented within it. This week we’ll be looking at how digital communication systems can be seen to shape who we are and how we interact with one another.

How the internet influences offline identity
The internet allows people to broadcast everything while helping them to experience things that they cannot encounter. However, it is possible that online identity might affect offline identity. Do you think the internet(online identity) will affect offline identity? If so, how?
Will you create your online identity completely different from your offline identity? If so, why?
Do you think there is an end of human in the world of algorithm?
People are discussing that we will be replaced by the AI and robots in the future digital world, that we human beings will find our longevity through the code and machine, with our spiritual identities planted into the algorithm of the robots. Do you agree or not.