The humane removal of wildlife

Scenario No. 1
Morris Wildlife Services deals with the humane removal of wildlife from places it does not belong (such as removing bats from attics and trapping coyotes for release in more suitable habitat). The company does not have a website a. has hired you to build one. The company would like to include some educational materials, company history, a list of prices, and other information on its website, so you will have to gather some information from existing brochures as well as do new research.
Scenario No. 2
Barstow Training is a company that specializes in assisting the unemployed in developing basic computer skills, writing resumes, and learning how to search for jobs. The company is opening up a center in your community a. has hired you to develop the network in their new building, which will have two classrooms with 15 computers each, and one computer in each of seven administrative offices. Your job will include developing the topology. network security. connection to the Internet, etc.
Scenario No. 3
Orion Meester is a small service company that is hired by cable television, internet, and phone companies to solicit customers door-to-door and at various locations. This means that employees mostly work outside the office. As the company expands, the president realizes the need for a mobile application that would allow the employees to log their work (both attempts to sell a. completed work orders) and to be able to access information for potential customers. You have been hired to create the application.
Scenario No. 4
Fenster Stained Glass, a small family company specializing in the creation of unique stained-glass windows. is expanding. They have realized that their old ways of using Excel to log business is no longer adequate and want a database to be developed so that inventory, sales, payroll, and employee data could be stored. and reports ru develop this database: this will include determining what kind of data would be appropriate to i

Option 1: MS Project Gantt Chart Develop a Gantt Chart using Microsoft Project for your given scenario.

Chart shovvs a least 12 tasks and subtasks having reasonable durations. The project may extend many days, weeks, or months depending on what you need to do for your client but indicate the first day of the project as the first day of this unit.
Chart shows the total duration of the complete project on the first line of the chart. 3. The Duration, Start, and Finish dates are appropriate for all tasks. 4. Tasks are orderly established. (e.g., requirements before testing) 5. Predecessors and Successors (dependencies) are established. 6. Tasks are properly linked in the chart’s time table. 7. A minimum of three milestones are included. 8. Name of the Resources (job roles) are listed on the time table. 9. Tasks do not show over-allocation of resources. 10. Recurrent activities are included.