The International Passenger Survey (IPS)

Assignment Brief:

The International Passenger Survey (IPS) collects information about passengers entering and leaving the UK, and has been running continuously since 1961. The Excel file TravelPac Q3 2017 contains the latest data from the third quarter of 2017. The first tab (Metadata) contains descriptions of the variables in the dataset which can be found in the second tab (Labelled 2017 Q3). The last tab (Numeric 2017 Q3) contains coded data.

You have just started employment in the Marketing department of a firm of travel agents in Britain who sells overseas holidays to British customers.

Your tasks:

Analyse the data in the TravelPac Q3 2017 in order to gain an understanding of the pattern of travel by UK residents.
Highlight interesting findings.
Make recommendations about a potential target segment.
Present your work to the Head of the Marketing Department in the form of a report in Word. Submit your analysis in an Excel file which the Head of the Marketing Department can use for further investigation.

Suggested steps:
• Familiarise yourself with the data by using Excel’s facilities like sorting, filtering, etc.
• Pick particular aspects that you want to conduct further, more detailed analysis on.
• Conduct a visual examination of the data by plotting appropriate charts.
• Calculate some standard statistics (e.g., mean, mode, range, standard deviation, etc.).
• Conduct additional analysis that you feel is appropriate to address the tasks above.

Threshold expectations:
In order to pass this assessment you will need to:
• Display a defined level of knowledge of indicated tools and techniques common to business decision making.
• Select an appropriate technique to summarise and interpret business data.
• Demonstrate competence in a defined range of skills in Excel.
• Communicate results effectively to the relevant audience.