Vitamin and mineral supplements

Brainstorm instances where your knowledge of of energy metabolism will be useful. You can also make analogies. Think about what is needed to make the body work efficiently. What does it take for the body to be in homeostasis? You can also discuss any topic of your choice; topi. in both chapters, especially thapter 8 is wide open. So. talk about what you have leamed…..something new perhaps. Also: select a YouTube video or article from the web to share on this topic (metabolism). and review it.
What do you think of vitamin and mineral supplements, What about fat buming miracle supplements like carnitine, Do you take any supplements at all, Explain, and if so. why? Find an article or YouTube on the pros/cons and /or safety/dangers of taking vitamin/mineral supplements and discuss.
The debate topic in chapter 8 is about pre-menstrual syndrome and vitamin B-6…what do you think? Discuss. B vitamins are also marketed as ‘,tress relievers.’ and ”energy enhancers…. your opinions on this? Back up your discussion with evidence.
At least 3 posts and/or responses are due by midnight on Sunday. Remember- the goal is to get a good discussion going on these topics- I encourage you to respond to each other and offer your feedback and opinions