The Rapid Changes in Technology and Staffing.

Identify and research an interesting human resources issue / event in healthcare. This should be an issue that captures your attention and moves you. It should be something that is not covered in the text. You will deliver an oral presentation with power point to the class on your research. Your presentation should demonstrate course proficiency and your ability to use HRM terms, concepts, principles, theories, knowledge, and methods to diagnose and resolve actual HRM duties in healthcare institutions. The presentation should be suitable for graduate studies and for directors of health institutions. You may review work-in-progress with me for preliminary feedback to increase learning and performance. You must submit your final oral presentation during week 7. Your final presentation should be 10 to 15 slides in length. You will be required to present your powerpoint to the class with the speaker notes. However, you optional can utilize Adobe Connect with a voice recording. Your powerpoint MUST include the use of the speaker notes with appropriate references and citations in proper APA format. Some suggested topics for the final presentation may be:

The Impact of the Repeal of DOMA on Employment Practices.
The Predicted Primary Care Physician Shortage.
The Challenges between Legal Compliance and Accrediting Bodies such as The Joint Commission.
The Predicted Shortage of Qualified Employees in a Rapid Growth Industry.
The Balance Between Compensation and Organizational Finances.
The Impact of the ACA of HR Compliance.
The Rapid Changes in Technology and Staffing.
The Impact of a Unionized Healthcare Environment.
The Shift from Non-Profit Healthcare to For-Profit Healthcare.
Preparing an Educated Healthcare Workforce.