Company Team’s On-boarding Relative to Starbucks

Analyze Your Company Team’s On-boarding Relative to Starbucks

Consider the following questions to get you started (this is not a complete and exhaustive list, you will want to add some of your own based on your Company Team and how you’re approaching Onboarding):
What is the current state of Onboarding you selected within your Company team?
What is the current state of Onboarding at Starbucks? (If you are unable to find factual information about your Company team, describe your multiple attempts at researching and specifically describe what you imagine is likely the case based on other information you have.)
How do the resources inform what we need to do going forward?
What specifically needs to be changed, created or adjusted in Starbuck’s corporate and retail Onboarding?
How does the current state of the business and talent at Starbucks and anticipated future state inform what we need to do going forward?
How are we differentiating corporate and retail onboarding based on the different needs?
What would make Onboarding at Starbucks unique (or more competitive or serve as a competitive advantage) than at the Company Team’s organization?
What considerations (such as cost) need to be evaluated?
What function/roles in HR may also need to be involved to bring your recommendation to life?
What other course concepts are relevant and applicable to consider/incorporate?
(Step 4) Develop Recommendation Report
Using the responses to the questions above, questions you determined on your own, and 3-5 additional cited sources, consider what you’ve learned.
Apply what you’ve learned to the following questions:
a. How will we impact Corporate and Retail Onboarding for the future at Starbucks?
b. How does it compare to our Company Team’s Onboarding?
c. What specific and detailed recommendations are we making? Why?
d. How will they be implemented?
e. What else needs to be taken into consideration?
culturally and job perspective
f. What other HR functions/roles need to be involved or do we need to partner with?
g. Does anything need to be addressed from a compliance/regulatory/legal perspective?
Describe your analysis
a. What specifically did you evaluate?
b. What was most relevant?
c. What will make an impact on Corporate and Retail Onboarding?
d. How did all of the information inform and translate to your recommendation?
Provide a specific and detailed 7-8-page recommendation, using at least a minimum of 2 visuals (charts, graphs, program description etc.) and a maximum of 4 visuals. Answer the following questions in your recommendation:
a. What is the specific Onboarding area of focus you were trying to enhance or address? b. What specifically did you take into consideration from the current state of Starbucks business or talent and HR? What did you take into consideration as you compared your
Company Team’s onboarding?
c. What is your specific and detailed recommendation of the Onboarding program?
Describe the actual program – design, timeline, who’s involved etc. (This should be the bulk of the report.) Be specific. Identify both the what and the how of the Onboarding program you recommend for both corporate and retail. Include the anticipated benefits and make at least 5 significant recommendations.
d. What implications does this recommendation have?
e. What risks will need to be addressed?
f. What do you recommend the Director of HR consider doing next?