Exploring Disasters

For this assignment, you can use the Evans Library and/or Internet to research and identify a disaster that you believe could have been prevented.


*Write a 275 word description of the disaster

*State why you believe the disaster was preventable

Assignment Guidelines:

*All submissions are to be substantial and related to the assigned readings

*All chapter or additional references must be cited in proper APA format.

You are expected to write primarily in your own voice, using paraphrase, summary, and synthesis techniques when integrating information from class and outside sources. Use an author’s exact words only when the language is especially vivid, unique, or needed for technical accuracy. Failure to do so may result in charges of Academic Dishonesty.

Overusing an author’s exact words, such as including block quotations to meet word counts, may lead your readers to conclude that you lack appropriate comprehension of the subject matter or that you are neither an original thinker not a skillful writer.