Health, Nutrition and how Sugar affects our health

Health, Nutrition and how Sugar affects our health
Published by admin2 at May 17, 2019

Compare and Contrast these two documentaries:

Is Sugar the new fat? by Nigel Latta
Food Matters by James Colquhoun
Paper must identify their idea of the documentary, concept and structure, and evaluate its effectiveness on the public.
Things to address: Is the documentary an act of communication between the filmmaker and the audience? Is it a work of art? , investigative report? personal memoir ? How effective is the filmmaker accomplishing the task of communicating to the audience? Does the documentary tell the truth? Can it be verified? Evidence? is it accurate? ideally a documentary will make its case with a strutted argument composed of visual evidence. Does the documentary reveal the present , past or both? Is it investigative or more journalistic? Is it credible? Ethical?
Do these two documentaries do any or all of the above questions, and if so how well does the film communicate to the audience to get its purpose or point across?