Inferiority among celebrities

Find one celebrity you think has an inferiority complex and one celebrity you think has a superiority complex. Explain and justify why you think each celebrity has one of these complexes. You may include quotes and/or life experiences from these celebrities. PLEASE EMAIL ME WITH THE CELEVR, YOU WOULD LIKE TO WRITE ABOUT. ONCE I APPROVE YOU CAN START WRITING. THANKS
Use the 3-Step Process to Link Course Concepts to Real-Life Example Explaining connections between course concepts and real-life examples is a core component of this course. Your goal should be to show me that you understand the concepts of the definitions and are able to apply these concepts to explain real-life situations. One way to ensure you clearly explain the course concepts is to follow the 3-step process below. This 3-step process can be used for your weekly assignments and for your exam essays.
To link a course concept to a real-life example, you might consider following this 3-step process:
1) Define the course concept 2) Explain the real-life example 3) Make the connection between the course concept and example by explaining WHY the example meets the requirements for the course concept
Use material attached for lesson 4 lecture
Note: When defining concepts, the best strategy is to write in your own words. Writing in your own words shows me that you understand and provides the opportunity for me to correct any misunderstandings.