Legalization of marijuana in US

This week a point was made in the readings that business is about change. One significant change that has occurred in business is the legalization of marijuana. Once illegal, many states have legalized the use of marijuana. It is expected that the marijuana business will result in added cost to legalization but a positive influx of $44 billion in the US economy by 2020. Companies in the business of growing or promoting marijuana are faced with thallenges. Below is a list of several companies in the marijuana business.
Novus Acquisition & Development Abattis Bioceuticals Corp. United Cannabis Com. Cannabis Sativa Inc. mCig, Inc. Greengro Technologies TerraTech Com. Using your research and the course material to support the ideas and conclusions presented:
Explain the relationship between business, government and society. Research one of the companies listed above. Discuss the interrelationship of the selected company with society and government. Research how United States federal government and the individual state governments regulate the selected company. If the selected company is a business in another count, discuss the regulations the company is subject to. What are the implications of marijuana legalization on businesses