Network Design for a Modern Software development company

Advanced Medicos Limited (AML) is a digital health company, which sells healthcare products. Their main
product is system (hardware) which provides a variety of health services. AML now intends to provide the
health services through the web in addition to the system they sell so customers do not necessarily have to
buy the system. In view of this, AML needs to upgrade their network. The company needs your expertise to
upgrade their existing network. Their current network is old and will need to be replaced. The managing
director has asked for a “software development company of the future, using the latest technologies with a
network which can accommodate the load now and for another five years and leaves room for further
AML’s headquarter (HQ) is located in two adjacent three-story buildings (Buildings A and B). The distance
between the buildings is 20m. AML has currently 200 employees. The organization has four departments:
Department Hosts
Software Development 70 workstations, 10 printers
Production 5 workstations, 2 printers
Marketing 10 workstations, 4 printers
Administration 5 workstations, 2 printers
Software Development and Marketing are in Building A with the other two departments are in Building B.
The network is a simple switched network with no wireless support. All the workstations, printers and other
devices are connected through the wired network. There is no support for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).
The server farm in located in Building B. Currently, there is no direct connection between the two buildings
and the two buildings access each other’s networks through a web portal. The edge router (router that is
connected to the internet and provides internet access to the organization) is located in Building A.
The future aspiration is to change the culture of the workplace. The employees and management particularly
want to enable working from home for the software development team. In this regard, it is expected that all
software developers (65) will be issued with Laptops/MacBook Pro which they can take home. AML will also
need to increase their resources to support the new online services. The production process will also be
updated. The production team will need 60 new computers to control the 3D printers. The administration
department will be adding 8 more workstation and 2 printers to handle the extra workload. AML also wants
to be more open and allow BYOD but it does not want to compromise on security.