O’Connor. Everything that rises must converge

Apply concepts from perception and standpoint material to Everything That Rises Must Converge; include as one of the concepts an issue connecting this story and the concepts you’re using to the idea of interpersonal justice. For example, how was interpersonal justice violated or upheld in the action of the characters in this story? Hints about other potential content for the paper use `prototype’ to explain how Julian makes his choice of where to sit and/or for Julian’s mom’s concem about Julian’s appearance (the “thug” comment); might the game of -peek-a-boo” be a script? If so. how/why? How does the concept of .standpoinf explain Julian’s mother’s and Julian’s different understanding of their particular historical moment?
ASSIGNMENT DUE: Concept paper 3. Apply concepts on material related to self-concept and self-knowledge to ONE of the two recent O’Connor stories we’ve read (either Revelation or The Lame Shall Enter First). Interpersonal justice connection: sure to include at least one concept that addresses the issue of interpersonal justice. For example, how did the father in the story The Lame Shall Enter First “miss-the issue of interpersonal justice in his relationship with his son? How has Mrs. Turpin’s understanding of herself shaped how she enacts interpersonal justice or injustice with others in the story, How can we see the girl who attacks Mrs. Turpin as an unknowing agent of interpersonal justice.