Abortion or human cloning argument

Post your argument on abortion or on human cloning (you pick) in the Abortion or Human Cloning Argument Forum. Your argument must be different from any of ways someone filled in the blanks in an argument in the documents, -PHL 400 (online) Handbook Part I’ and “PHL 400 (online) Handbook Part II.”
For these topics, you do not have to say that abortion or human cloning is morally acceptable. You can say it is morally obligatory or verong instead if you want. Keep in mind that if you chose to make an argument on abortion, then you are discussing whether abortion is moral, not whether abortion should be legal. Keep in mind that if you chose to ma. an argument on human cloning, then you are discussing reproductive cloning, not therapeutic cloning. Reproductive cloning involves creating a whole human through a cloning process.
RESPOND TO THIS PERSONS ARGUMENT 1) If a person is in a situation in which engaging brings about more harm than not engaging, then it is morally acceptable for them to avoid the situation.
2) In most abortion cases, a mother is in a pregnancy in which engaging brings about more harm than not engaging.
3) Therefore, in most abortion cases, it is morally acceptable for her to avoid the pregnancy.
It is imperative that you use the document, ‘PHL 400 ( II )HdbkP&tII to write your evaluation of someone else’s argument. There are specific guidelines for the assignment. I will use that document to grade your reply. For instance, when explaining an objection, always say vehich premise number is in question.