Language 1: Offer an example of a misunderstanding that you’ve experienced or witnessed in any context that could be explained by a principle or principles from the Language 1 lecture. Be sure to lay out the principle first.
Language 2: Offer three examples of regional terms specific to your area of the state/country and explain what they mean. Discuss the role of regionalisms in interpersonal communication in terms of the principles or functions of language, specifically inclusion and exclusion.
Offer three insights drawn from the Haney article. Be sure to incorporate material from the Haney article into your response.
Offer an example of an experience that you’ve witnessed or had yourself related to any of the concepts/terms/ideas/principles of perception (from lecture/course notes or from Galvin). First, identify, define, and explain the concept or theme. Next, offer the example. Then explain how the example illustrates the concept/term/idea/theme. Finally, discuss implications for interpersonal communication and/or relationships.
How is one’s standpoint related to perception? Draw from notes on standpoint and perception and/or Galvin to construct your answer.
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Discuss implications of any of these concepts/terms/ideas/principles for interpersonal justice. Be sure to anchor your discussion in both the interpersonal justice material and the perception material.