Marketing & Advertising

I: State your opinion as to whether there is an inherent conflict between the need to make profits and the responsibility to conduct business in an ethical manner. Draw upon the Elegido article (see “reading and background material” attachment for this article) and try to find examples of this apparent conflict of interests. If you were a Marketing executive, what ethical framework would you construct as your own personal guide to avoiding conflicts of interests and developing a marketing strategy with integrity?
Part II: Think about the debate surrounding the ethics of advertising to vulnerable populations such as children, the elderly, and the poor, and deceptive advertising techniques. Do your own research in another area of unethical or deceptive advertising and find an example – provide link in your response. Explain the type of exploitation or unethical practice in advertising that is at play in the ad. Discuss why you think this is an unethical or immoral practice. In addition, give suggestions and edits for improvement of the advertisement to a higher ethical standard.