The livelihood of Beatles

Here are the guidelines and topics for the final paper due in Week 10:Papers should be 3-4 pages, double spaced and ina
word document. Your paper should include footnotes, bibliography and a discography. Your research should include at
least 3 sources (reviews, articles, books). For more information about proper formatting please
visit: should include a thesis statement and a conclusion and
include your own insights and ideas about the facts that you gather. | am not looking for a strictly “historical” paper but a
paper that includes your assumptions and opinions (supported by other articles etc. ). Papers will be docked points for late
submissions. (Late papers subject to instructor approval).Please send the paper to Canvasonly (under week 10) with your
full name, email and telephone.Select one of the following topics to write about:1)There are 2 Beatles left: Paul McCartney
and Ringo Starr. Discuss one of their current careers. Do you think they should have retired with the band? Why or why
not? What do you think of the fact that they are touring? Should a musician ever retire? Has their style changed since their
Beatles days?2) Write a paper on a modern day production that uses the Beatles music. This can include a musical(s)
such as “Rain” (currently on Broadway) , Cirque du Soleil’s (“Love”), or a discussion of the new forthcoming ballet written
by Paul McCartney. The Ballet. “Ocean’s Kingdom,” which premiered September 22, 2011.3) Are the Beatles still one of
the greatest bands ever? Why or why not? Are they still important? If so, how? Locate articles that may support your
argument.4)Compare the Beatles with another rock group such as the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin or Pink 1
Floyd? How were they similar or different. Select a specific album or time frame (early rock or psychedelic rock) to support
your claim.5) Discuss the life and contributions of one of the Beatles after the Beatles disbanded. What was their music
like now? Were they ever as strong as they once were in the Beatles?