“Wayward Cells

“Wayward Cells
Published by admin2 at May 23, 2019

Review “Wayward Cells,” the essay that analyzes what cancer is and how it progresses. Then choose another natural or social science process that interests you and write an essay describing and analyzing that process. Conversely, think of a process within the arts and humanities (e.g., a historical movement, a cultural change, a plot pattern in fiction or film, an artistic method).In this assignment, you will write a process essay.

Explain and identify the steps involved in the writing process.
Employ proper research techniques.
Correctly use the APA style of citing.
Summarize and paraphrase without plagiarizing.
Identify and compose the following types of writing: compare and contrast, argumentative, persuasive, narrative, cause and effect, process, and descriptive.

Using your chosen prompt, write an essay with an emphasis on process.